Woodcarving has been my part time focus since 1970...well...off and on since that time. The first day of carving lasted for 30 minutes and then I spent 2 hours in the emergency room getting my first stitches from woodcarving. Since that hospital trip, I have authored 6 woodcarving books published by Schifferbooks and you can be sure the books include a section on the importance of safety. I yearly teach a week long woodcarving class at John C. Campbell Folkschool in October. 

I prefer to carve caricature style rather than stylized or real-life studies to express my sense of humor and produce an immediate audience reaction. I tried a serious carving about 35 years ago and it is still on the shelf waiting to be finished. Maybe one day...to much fun to carve caricatures!

My technique is focused on keeping the knife and chisel cuts visible rather than producing a smooth carving. The knife and chisel cuts create facets which reflect light and add dimension to the carving.


Indiana Artisan  Southern Highland Craft Guild

Myra and Larry



"Caricatures carved in wood by Larry Green of Washington, IN have been selected to be part of the Indiana Artisan brand.  Indiana Artisan promotes fine and handcrafted art as well as value-added foods and wines made in Indiana."

“I am pleased to congratulate Mr. Green on his acceptance into Indiana Artisan,” said Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, who started the organization as a statewide economic development strategy. “All of the work in this unique organization exemplifies our state’s strong entrepreneurial spirit.”